Hi, I am Aonnoy! A multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on user research, visual & interaction design. My work is not just limited to creating beautiful interfaces for both mobile and the web, but also serving a meaningful purpose behind every pixel.
Location- Portsmouth, England
*Currently looking for remote/full/part time contract
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Illustration by the incredible Diana Valeanu
How I Work
Design Process
Taking projects from a simple idea to completion. Digging deep into into the core values of your business and helping you achieve your goals. Let's start working on your amazing web or mobile app!
Research & Ideate
Loads of research, mind mapping and strategising, are the major key steps to identify your user's needs, pain points and be able to align it to your business goals in order for it to excel. Recognising the problem, asking the right questions and trying to accomplish the right challenges. This phase includes- market & general research, competitor analysis and exploring solutions.
Design & Prototype
It all starts off with ugly meaningful scribbles on a piece of paper and digitising it to low and mid-fidelity wire-frames. Which turns to a high functioning prototype that simulates the final end results before running tests and sending it off for development.
Test & Iterate
This is the moment of truth! The prototype goes through numerous usability testing to point out the good and the bad. Exploring possible solutions for the users in order to iterate before sending off to more rounds of testing until it hits the perfect spot and is ready for production!
With intermediate knowledge on coding, I can closely collaborate with developers up until the finish line and beyond.

p.s - I can help you bridge the gap between design and development for web apps.
Recent projects
Case Study
Designing a saas android mobile app from the NHS that focuses on individuals suffering from asthma and helping them manage their illness with ease.
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Case Study
Little Joys
Designing & developing a website for an upcoming blogger aspiring to have her own blogging platform but in order for it to thrive in this competitive space is to understand the user needs, make content more socially engageable and to take into account of the factors that will help her platform grow.
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Case Study
Designing a shopify store for a company with over 10 stores all around UK and gaining popularity in women's clothing, Asani decides to tap into the digital space to expand their business as they recognise the potential online revenue.
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Case Study
A Reason To Change
A non profit news platform, which informs and motivates the public to change their attitudes and behaviour towards real world problems that can no longer sit idly by, in the hopes it can be fixed on its own.
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